Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy

Thomasina's clinical massage therapy is based on an assessment of posture, gait and how the joints of the body are moving in addition to understanding neuroscience and the multidimensional nature of pain.  Thomasina has completed thousands of hours in training, earning dozens of certifications and a Master Myoskeletal Alignment diploma, which has provided her with a solid background in the understanding of biomechanics, dysfunctional patterns and pain science.  In addition to biomedical manual therapy, she helps clients understand and recognize the underlying psychological and social aspects that can be influencing their nervous system and contributing to pain outputs.  As a client you will gain a better understanding of the science behind pain, you will receive the proper bodywork to start bringing your body back into balance and you will be given homework so that you are empowered to continue your path to healing.  It is not Thomasina's goal to see you over and over again in continual attempts to "fix" you. The goal is to determine the root of the issue as quickly as possible and to facilitate you in taking control of your pain.  Please note that relaxation or regular massages are not available.  Repeat appointments are booked if indicated by the treatment plan.  The "About" link provides Thomasina's full bio. 







Common Conditions Treated

Migraines and headaches

Chronic neck pain

Arm & hand numbness

Dowager's Hump

Fixated joints

Rotator cuff injuries

Rotated vertebrae and ribs

Hip pain or immobility

Low back, SI and hip pain


Lumbar disc pathologies

Plantar fasciitis

And so much more.  MAT treats most complicated pain conditions.


  • Initial Assessment, Treatment & Exercises for Complicated Pain Conditions (75 minutes):  $120

  • Initial Assessment, Treatment & Exercises for Pain Conditions (60 minutes):  $100

  • Re-Assessment, Treatment & Exercises for all Pain Conditions (60 minutes):  $100

  • Maintenance or Follow-up Treatment (45 minutes):  $80



HST is included in all prices

Receipts are available for insurance


Cancellation Policy

Same-day cancellations will be charged 50% of the price of the treatment.  If enough notice is given and the spot can be filled, no charge will be made.
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