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Coaching for Chronic Pain Management
Personalized and Tailored Pain Guidance


What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts longer than three months and is very complex, as it involves many different factors. For example, workplace, lifestyle, or social factors can unconsciously impact the way the brain processes pain and can make pain feel more threatening. This often leads to anxiety, depression, fear of movement, reduced social activities, lack of sleep, loss of work hours, or other functional limitations. People with chronic pain often become trapped in a cycle of pain, perceived threats, and limitations. 

Chronic Pain Management with Thomasina

Each person has a unique response to pain based on their biopsychosocial makeup. Biopsychosocial is a term that includes biological, psychological, and social/environmental factors, and is a healthcare model that looks at how those factors are interconnected within an individual. Thomasina will try to understand how your unique biopsychosocial factors are increasing your pain signals, and she will work with you to create a pain management plan that is appropriate and targeted specifically to you and your mental, emotional, and/or physical pain.

Appointments include:

  • Getting to know you:  I will listen to your story and will learn about how pain affects your life and what is most important for you. 

  • Assessments: Measurements may include physical assessments, scales, and questionnaires to evaluate your pain features, lifestyle, psychological aspects, work considerations, and functional behaviors.

  • Goal setting:  We will work together to prioritize your most important concerns. We will set goals for our appointments and goals that you will work toward between appointments.

  • Creating strategies:  We will take small steps toward making changes and improvements based on your priorities (for example, sleeping better, moving more, or reducing unhelpful thought patterns). We will use SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) to take specific steps toward managing or improving your pain. We will also create a plan for managing pain flares. 

  • Monitoring progress:  We will monitor your goals and then adjust or add strategies at each appointment. Your strategies will gradually build upon each other, so your pain becomes more manageable step by step. 


  • Initial appointment (60 minutes):  400 kr

  • Ongoing appointments (45 minutes):  350 kr

Payment forms accepted:

  • Mobile pay

  • Cash (exact amount)

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