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The Health Hut

This is a calm and safe space where you will be listened to and where you can learn more about why you are experiencing pain and how to start a new path of healing.  

Thomasina Larkin

Thomasina's affectionate enthusiasm will make you feel welcome as soon as you step into The Health Hut.  She is a great motivator and is continually deepening her knowledge in body mechanics, pain science and neuroscience.

My Story

People often ask how I decided to become a massage therapist so I thought I would share my story.  In the early 2000s I was working as a journalist in Tokyo.  I worked 13 hours a day six days a week, mainly sitting at a desk.  I spent my vacations backpacking around Asia.  I spent my weekends out dancing.  Everything I was doing was adding a compressive force to my spine and it took a toll.  It got to the point where I couldn't even walk a block without an intense sharp pain shooting down my leg, buckling my knees and making me fall to the ground.  One day I couldn't get up off the sidewalk and an ambulance came and took me to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with a severe disc herniation.  The doctor prescribed back surgery and morphine.  But I instantly decided to try more yoga.  I'd followed a few VHS yoga tapes in the 90s so I'd had a little experience with some postures but I decided to go all-in.  I found a local studio where I went five times a week and when I was at work on breaks I did a few poses that felt right (mainly cobra and hero).  After just a few months none of my symptoms remained. 


Meanwhile I had been reading a book about three high-stress but rich people who were unhappy with their lives.  One was a doctor, one was a lawyer and the other was stock broker.  The book followed them as they all decided to quit their high-end jobs to follow their passions; they each had to get a new job that was related to a hobby they enjoyed in their free time.  One of them liked gardening so she opened a floral shop.  Another liked volunteering for homeless people so he opened an NPO soup kitchen.  And I can't remember the other one, but I do remember how much it resonated with me.  They were all able to succeed financially with emotional and mental freedom by doing what they love to do.  I loved writing, but the cut-throat high-stress side of journalism was not the right fit for me.  So, what did I love to do in my free time?  Yoga.  And I saw it's potential for helping others live a pain-free life.  I researched different yoga modalities and found a holistic Hatha-style Indian guru who was traveling to Ottawa to provide teacher training in about six month's time.  I quit my job at The Japan Times, I enrolled in the course and I started planning my move back to Canada after living in Asia for eight years.  Yoga is the underlying passion of everything I do.  I love that we have the power to alter our bodies so that we can bring ourselves out of pain.  Upon graduation my guru gave me the name Jyotirmaya, which is Sanskrit for "In The Light," and he told me that the name will guide me to help bring others into lightness.  I spent two years in Ottawa teaching yoga at various studios, corporations and private locations until I realized that I could not do that for the rest of my life without sacrificing losing yoga as my passion. 


I decided to go back to school to become a massage therapist as an ideal bridge with the yoga modality.  My goal was to be able to perform body work on people to help encourage the transformations that so many people seek in yoga.  I started an accelerated massage program two months after I gave birth to my daughter.  For the first eight months I took all the anatomy, physiology, pathology, law, business, ethics, nutrition, etc book-type courses by correspondence and challenged the exams.  At the same time, I had gained 50 lbs with my pregnancy (my arm was the size of my current thigh!!) and realized I had two choices:  buy a new wardrobe of clothes or lose weight.  Based on my knowledge of the body, I created a program for myself and after three months I was in the best shape of my life, inspiring me to help other women who find it hard to get their bodies back after childbirth.  I then became a certified fitness instructor to make it legit.  Once my daughter was 10 months old I put her in a home daycare and physically went to massage school to complete the hands-on portion of my diploma.  I finished at the top of my class and was awarded the Executive Director's Award. 


After that I moved back to Enterprise, my hometown, where I bought my family's home and started to build the yurt and my business.  I am here to serve my community and to help its members be brought out of pain so that they can better enjoy their lives here.  I believe we can all overcome our pain if we know the right path.  Yes, I had a crippling back pain condition.  It is a part of my history, but it did not become my story.  I did not let my back pain define who I was.  I did not start using the words "my bad back" when talking about it myself.  I was not going to let it control the rest of my life.  Now that disc herniation rarely crosses my mind because since I released that pain and tension, I've created space for more positive things to flow into.  I would like to help facilitate that for you.

Thomasina's Credentials


  • Registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario in November 2011.

  • Received The Executive Director’s Award for highest academic achievement at the International Academy of Massage, class of 2011.

  • College massage courses included anatomy, physiology, pathology, neuroscience, assessments, techniques, remedial exercises, hydrotherapy, business, law, ethics.

  • Thai Massage Level 1 & 2 (December 2011).

  • Indian Head Massage (June 2012).

  • Ultrasound Therapy (September 2012).

  • Lomi Lomi (September 2012).

  • Advanced Myofascial Release (April 2013).

  • Cranial Sacral Therapy (May 2013).

  • The Psoas (April 2015).

  • Advanced Soft Tissue Manipulation on the Cervical Region (April 2016).

  • TMJ and Swallowing (April 2017).

  • Foundations in Myofascial Release:  The Shoulder Complex (September 2017).

  • Scar Release Therapy for Women's Health (September 2017).

  • Deep Tissue Techniques for Pain Management (September 2017).

  • Integrated Manual Therapy to Eliminate Multiple Nerve Crush Phenomenon of the Lower Body (September 2017).

  • Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage Five Day Intensive Seminar (December 2017).

  • Micro Point Stimulation Scar Release Therapy (January 2018).

  • Micro Point Stimulation Circuits for Pain Therapy (February 2018).

  • Awarded designation of Orthopedic Massage Therapist (June 2018).

  • Preferred Practitioner and Teaching Assistant for the Center for Pain Management (June 2018).

  • Completed the Aston Postural Assessment training at the Anatomy Trains Institute in Maine (July 2018).

  • NeuroKinetic Therapy Level 1 (September 2018).

  • Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist (November 2018).

  • Myoskeletal Certificates in:  Posture, Pain & Performance; Dynamic Lower Body Treatments; Advanced Upper Body Treatments; Treating Trapped Nerves; Shoulder, Arm & Hand Techniques; Technique Tour; Ethics; Motion is Lotion; Art of MAT (October 2018 - February 2019).

  • Master Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist Diploma (March 2019).

  • Teaching Assistant for Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (July 2019 ~ present).

  • PhysioKinetix Level 1 Mobility (July 2019).

  • Mobilisation of the Neuro-Immune System - NOI group (October 2019).

  • Taking the Complexity out of the Shoulder (February 2021).


  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology (May 2020).

  • Biomechanics of the Human Body (May 2020).

  • Gerontology (October 2020).



  • Mental Health in the Community (November 2020).

  • Biological Foundations of Mental Health (December 2020).

  • Techniques in Neuroscience (March 2021).

  • Psychological Foundations of Mental Health (May 2021).

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health: Child Development (June 2021).

  • Mindfulness: Neuroscience and Application (August 2021).

  • Psychology & Neuroscience of Affective Disorders (October 2021).

  • Psychology & Neuroscience of Psychosis (November 2021).

  • Research Skills: from Reviewing and Critical Analysis to Research Ethics

  • Research Skills: from Methods and Procedures to Analysis and Reporting (April 2022).


  • Pain Foundations for Allied Health Providers - Pain BC (November 2020).

  • Explain Pain - NOI Group (January 2021).

  • Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain Management (MBCPM) Level 1 - University of Toronto (March 2021).

  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Level 1 - The Mindfulness Institute Edmonton (March 2021).

  • Graduate course in The Multidimensional Nature of Pain - University of Alberta (December 2021).

  • Graduate course in Pain Assessment and Management - University of Alberta (April 2022).


  • 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, certified by the Yoga Alliance (August 2008).

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (January 2009).

  • The Yoga Conference (March 2010).

  • The Yoga Conference (April 2011).

  • Yoga Teacher Evolution with Sadie Nardini (December 2012).

  • The Yoga Conference (March 2013).

  • Wanderlust Yoga Festival for Continuing Teacher Education (August 2014).

  • Wanderlust Yoga Festival for Continuing Teacher Education (August 2015).

  • Yoga Is - Online Yoga and Wellness Festival for Continuing Teacher Education (April 2016).

  • The Chakras & Yin Yoga (March 2017).

  • Fit & Fierce Over 40 with Sadie Nardini (September 2017).

  • YogaShred with Sadie Nardini (April 2018).

  • Online courses with Heart & Bones Yoga (throughout 2019).

  • Began developing MYoga:  Myoskeletal Alignment-based Yoga (2019).



  • Zumba Basic 1 Teacher Training (November 2009).

  • Zumba Basic 2 Teacher Training (February 2010).

  • CanFitPro: Certified Fitness Instructor Specialist (November 2010).

  • Urban Dance (May 2011).

  • Zumbatomic Teacher Training (March 2012).

  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (May 2012).

  • Certified Personal Trainer (November 2012).

  • Certified Piloxing Instructor (November 2012).

  • Barre, Boot Camp and HIIT Teacher Training (August 2013 & August 2014).

  • Zumba Kids Teacher Training (December 2013).

  • Certified Tabata Boot Camp Trainer (September 2014).

  • Certified Piloxing Knockout Instructor (March 2015).

  • Certified Piloxing Barre Instructor (March 2015).

  • Canadian Fitness Professional Convention (August 2015).

  • Canadian Fitness Professional Convention (August 2016).

  • Canadian Fitness Professional Convention (August 2017).

  • PhysioKinetix Level 1 Mobility (July 2019).


  • Bachelor of Journalism, Minor in Film Studies, from Carleton University (Class of 2000).

  • Current in CPR.

  • Police Record Check completed.

  • Infection Prevention and Control Certificates (May 2020):

    • Occupational Health and Safety

    • Chain of Transmission and Risk Assessment

    • Health Care Provider Controls

    • Control of the Environment

    • Administrative Controls

    • Additional Precautions

    • Personal Risk Assessment in Acute Care

    • Personal Risk Assessment in Community - Clinic

    • Personal Risk Assessment in Community - Home