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BodyMind Massage Therapy

Wellness treatments

Stress and tension relief

Injury rehabilitation

Chronic pain management

Everybody is different, and one's self can differ from day to day.

Therefore, Thomasina's treatments take an individualized and tailored approach to care.

Using her training and experience with deep tissue release, joint mobilizations, osteopathic manual techniques, nerve mobilizations, cranial therapy, sports therapy, and pain management strategies, Thomasina will custom-create a treatment specifically for you each time you come.

Common Conditions Treated

Migraines and headaches

Neck & shoulder pain

Jaw pain and TMJ disorders

Frozen shoulder

Rotator cuff injuries

Arm & hand numbness

Low back pain

Hip pain or immobility


And so much more.

Appointments include:

  • initial interview about you, your health history, and any factors that may contribute to your pain

  • orthopedic assessments related to your pain condition

  • massage and myoskeletal alignment therapy aimed at improving your pain

  • pain education

  • rehab exercises for homework


  • 60 minutes:  500 kr

  • 45 minutes:  400 kr

  • 30 minutes:  300 kr

Payment forms accepted:  

  • Mobile pay

  • Cash (exact amount)

  • Pay online at time of booking

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  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
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